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We introduce ourselves as a reliable manufacturer, dealer and service provider in the water treatment industry. Water Projects Saudi Arabia Ltd. is a 100% Saudi owned company. The main company shareholders are H.H. Prince Faisal Bin Abdul Aziz and Managing Director Dr. Ali Abdul Rahman Al Khalaf. The company was incorporated in the year 1978. Around 100 engineers, technicians and administrators are employed. At Water Projects Saudi Arabia company we conduct business with ethics and integrity, we are proud of the products and the services we provide.

Reverse osmosis, also known as hyper filtration, is the finest filtration available today. It is the most common treatment technology used by premium bottled water companies. It is effective in eliminating or substantially reducing a very wide array of contaminants, and of all technologies used to treat drinking water in residential applications, it has the greatest range of contaminant removal.

Atlantic Chemicals are one of the well known names in the specialty chemical market. We have a range of high quality chemicals to overcome the most challenging problems; Corrosion, fouling, scaling and micro biological growth in water treatment systems. We select a proper treatment program for each water system based on site visit done by our well trained engineers and qualified technical consultants.

the Glass-Line Storage Tanks and Silos are use in particular application where bare metel or epoxy coating is not recommended. These tanks are commonly callled 'Glass-Lined Tanks' ans are coated inside and outside with a glass like enamel that binds to the metel and provides particular adavantages over standard metal tanks.
These coating forms a hard, chemically inert layer that parmanently protects the steel surface from rust, corrision, undercutting, abrasion and stains. Glass Lines Tanks are known for their low maintenance, natural resistance to contamination, greater service life and low modular construction costs.

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