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11-13 September 2023

Water projects Saudi Arabia ltd. participated  “Global  Water Expo” on September 11 – 13, 2023, at Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center.   Opening Hours: 04:00 – 10:00 PM


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Our Clients

WPSA R&D division is responsible for planning the corporate R & D strategies, and adjusting the cooperation between each business unit. In addition, the division is responsible for developing “fundamental technologies” of innovative materials and advances technologies which have wide applicability and impact on performance and productivity in the future.

WPSA R & D division is searching new material and new technologies world- widely, and challenging to develop innovative materials and advanced technologies for the new era through cooperation within and outside and to create new products that
win a high level of customer satisfaction.

Intellectual Property Department
Strategically supporting R & D and sales activities by protecting and utilizing WPSA intellectual property such as trademarks.

Advanced Technology Specialty
Chemicals Research and Development We have established a system for the creation of high-quality product in the laboratory
and built a flexible, speedy response system in the Specialty Chemical production, and continue research and development that satisfy all our customers. R & D is responsible for finding no harmful chemical to the environment, developing a new chemical
for water system and researching a new specialty chemical to solve chemical & physical problems for water system units (R.O., Boiler, Chiller, Cooling Tower,… etc.)

WPSA is committed to continual improvement and development to chemicals production, processes and services to achieve
the customer satisfaction.