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11-13 September 2023

Water projects Saudi Arabia ltd. participated  “Global  Water Expo” on September 11 – 13, 2023, at Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center.   Opening Hours: 04:00 – 10:00 PM


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Reverse Osmosis System (R.O. System)
Reverse Osmosis is the finest level of filtration available. The Reverse Osmosis Membrane acts as a barrier to all Dissolved
Salts and Inorganic Molecules as well as Organic Molecules with a molecular weight greater than approximately 100%.

Principles of Reverse Osmosis
The phenomenon of Osmosis occurs when pure water flows from a Dilute Saline Solution through a membrane into a higher concentrated saline solution. The flow from dilute saline solution will continue until concentration to equalize solution strength.

The equilibrium point of the water column height in term of water pressure against the membrane is called Osmosis Pressure.
If a force is applied to this column of water the direction of water flow through the membrane can be reversed. This is termed as Reverse Osmosis.


Hemodialysis Water Treatment System

WPSA have years of work experience  in  providing
water treatment  plants  for  Medical  use,  such as
Hemodialysis, Dental Chair, Centralized Sterilization Equipments and for Hospital laundries.

Since 1984, we have involved in Design, Fabricate,
Install and Commission water treatment  plants for
Medical  use  as  per  water  quality  specification
stipulated by International Standards.

Gray Water System

Gray water generated in households or office buildings from Sinks, Showers,
Baths Cloth, Washing Machine or Dish Washers are recycled after passing
through appropriate treatment system.

WPSA have installed number of Gray Water Treatment System for recycling
for Toilet Flushing, Land Scape or Crop Irrigation.




Water Softeners are used to remove Calcium and
Magnesium from the water that causes to scaling
in  the water mains,  such as Metal Pipes,  Boiler
Tubes, & Heat Exchangers etc.  Base   Exchange
Cationic  Resin  used  to  remove  hardness  salts.

WPSA offer  small  to big  Flow Rates S ofteners
in combination with automatic controls.  We offer
Time Clock,  Volume Based,  Intermediate  Time
Based,  PLC  Control  in  order  to  Program  the
Controller in proportion  to Feed Water Hardness.


Demineralization System 

Demineralization is the process  of  removing  all
minerals from water.  The  use  of  demineralized
in the industry is large such as for High pressure
Boilers, to Produce Battery Water, Anodization etc. 


WPSA offer full automatic Two Column and Mixed
Bed  Single  Column  demineralization  plants  for
industries.  The scope includes Design, Fabricate,
Supply, Install and Commission the Plant.